Water and the Medial Woman

I’ve come to know that for many women, Water is a homecoming. A place where we experience a sense of freedom and instinctual awareness that is not easily found in other areas of our lives. There is a profound remembering that takes place, of a natural state of being, which is held, supported and undeniably connected to the Great Mother. Here in the water, we swim between worlds, entering with fluidity, altered states of being. As we dive deeper into the blue, we are carried deeper into the waters of our own souls.

Reflections on a creative life in the Okavango Delta 

It is hard to convey in words, the incredible beauty of Botswana, the breathtaking experiences in the wilderness that have captured my heart many times over. I imagine this is why I love to convey it through my paintings. Here, these timeless moments are captured in a play of light and colour, awash with reverence and wonder. My way of paying homage to nature and what she shares with me, the gifts that have opened my wild heart and awakened a new reality in my life.


 In the silence the vast horizon stretches out before me. Connecting into the crevices of my own instinctual nature, an ancient knowing, I listen.

I am searching, tracking, remembering  those who have come before me and honouring the remnants of what they have left behind.

Something awakens within me, as I discover forgotten tracks that lie within my own inner landscape and I am curious…

To the Bushmen. In appreciation of ancient lines that can still be walked and old songs that can still be heard.

Bee Eaters… My bliss

 What a delight these little creatures are. I’ve been watching the little bee eaters each afternoon as the sun is setting. Their gorgeous swooping insect catching flight displays. I am mesmerised… When that warm golden sunlight streams through their wings in fight and illuminates their entire body – as if they themselves were made of light.

I am hooked and have to paint them…. I set out early one morning, camera in one hand and hot flask of coffee in the other, accompanied by Naledi, my trusted companion. It’s a short walk, down to the reeds where I hope to find the Little Bee Eaters basking in the morning light.

Finding a comfortable spot to sit on a fallen camelthorn tree, we wait, in awe of the peaceful beauty surrounding us. The Thalamakane River behind us, embraced by majestic  Leadwoods. I hear their high pitched calls and I look for the flashes of emerald green and vibrant yellow… yes… I see them. 

Now it begins… the observation… the magical encounter that will become a new painting. The story… that will be painted in a myriad of delicate brush strokes, each carrying a heartbeat of joy and inspiration that I felt in those moments as I gazed upon those little bodies.